Musée du Berry

The Berry Museum is installed since 1892 in a historic monument, the hotel Cujas in the city of Bourges. Tourists will find the ground-floor of the archaeological collections from different periods: protohistoric, Gallo-Roman ...

They will also discover the room das lapidary items found in Bourges and testifying to its past in the Gallo-Roman, as funerary objects or religious sculptures. In another room is precious objects, sculptures and stained glass from the Sainte-Chapelle in the city. It is also possible to discover the works of a painter at Bourges, Jean Boucher.

The first floor, visitors will leave tell of daily life in the former province of Berry, through a collection of objects of everyday life.Pottery from the region are also exposed. Finally, objects brought from Egypt by a Berruyer are exposed in a room: there is a sarcophagus, a mummy and funerary objects.

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