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DepartureBOURGES (18)

Bourges is a city located in the department of Cher in the region Centre.

Saint-Etienne cathedral


The Saint-Etienne cathedral in Bourges was built between the end of the 12th century and the end of the 13th century. It is the seat of Bourges's diocese. It is a gem of the Gothic art in France. It amazing architecture and decoration make it a remarkable building.

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The palace of Jacques-Cœur


The palace of Jacques-Coeur is located in Bourges and is a master piece of the gothic art in France. This building prefigures the town houses that sprung up in Renaissance time. It is one of the most beautiful building of the gothic era, thanks to its rich decoration and elegant architecture.

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The marshes of Bourges


The marshes of Bourges is a unique site, natural and relaxing at the feet of the old city only few hundred meters from the cathedral.

It is an harmonious site of 135 ha of gardens crossed by canals and rivers and it is a very pleasant place to walk.

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The 'Musée du Berry'


The Hotel Cujas is listed as a historical monument and houses the 'Musée du Berry' a museum since 1892 ans its archeological and historical collections.

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The vineyard of Menetou-Salon near Bourges is located on 400 ha of hills and is spread over 10 communes.

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Hôtel Lallemant


Built around 1500, this town house is a earlier example of French Renaissance architecture. The hotel Lallemant is built on the gallo roman city walls and is today the museum of decorative art.

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