Musée Rolin

The Rolin museum is situated in Autun and owes its name because it is established at the point where there was previously a hotel that belonged to the Chancellor Nicolas Rolin. Its collections are divided into four departments. The first is the department of archeology that reveals what was going on in the ancient city.

Then the department of medieval art, which has among others a beautiful sculpture of a naked woman lying down, called the "Temptation of Eve" or Gilbertus of paintings such as the Master of Moulins called the "Nativity". The third department, the history contains many documents on the theme of the story of Autun between the fifteenth and the nineteenth century.

The last and fourth is the Department of Fine Arts, dedicated to painters and French and European paintings dating from the seventeenth to the twentieth century. Recently, the Rolin museum received a donation of 94 works by Andre and Monique Frénaud, consisting of paintings, sculptures, drawings and engravings by various artists such as Miro, or between Bazaine Fautrier.

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