Collégiale de Quézac

The first building was built in 1052 in honor of Notre-Dame of Quezac. The parish seat was located about 2 km Javillet Quézac. Legend says that a farmer found a black Madonna when he drew a furrow. It would have brought the Virgin in the church, but she disappeared into the night. The next day we found her back in the groove, and it was decided to build there a chapel where the Virgin had agreed. Fairly quickly, the church attracted pilgrims and a priory-cure settled. In 1365, Pope Urban V, a native of the area, erected the priory in college, and fortified. These constructions are thus at the same time as the bridge Quézac in order to improve the comfort of the pilgrims. It installs then eight clerks, six canons, a dean and a sacristan in residence at the college. During the various disorders that affect the region, the college underwent several fortified attacks. Around 1580, she suffered the assault of Matthew Merle Huguenots and ravaging the country of Gevaudan. The church was partially destroyed and then rebuilt. During the revolutionary troubles, the college and the hospital which had been installed in it are deleted. The church was looted and damaged but still standing.

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