Église Saint-Vigor

The first building was constructed between and a necropolis discovered during archaeological excavations in the chancel in 1988-1989. These excavations have unearthed the remains of the apse. The church, the village is included in the new endowment of the abbey of Evron by Robert 989: a reconstruction of the church to the monks of the abbey of Evron, dating from 989, it proves at that time belonged to the powerful neighboring abbey. The building was destroyed by the Normans. A new building was constructed in the same place, and Hildebert, in 1115, in his charter of confirmation, with its mention of St. Vigor word. The church Neau used as a chapel for the monks of the priory next to the building. The communication between the monastery and the church was through a door into the choir. The Romanesque church was built on a rectangular plan of 22m long and wide 5m80 (5m25 in the choir), to flat bed. In 1548, a second nave abuts the sprocket from East to the middle of the nave and the choir novels. It is separated by three arches and pillars. We also built a clock tower, which would take the form of a pinacleen 1617, then became a true revolution in 1857.

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