Château de Ventadour

Castle Ventadour is located in Moustier-Ventadour in the department of Corrèze in the Limousin region. This building is listed under the historical monuments since 1840. The creation of the castle dates back to the eleventh century, but was transformed several times in the centuries that followed. Its location, coupled with an important defense, the monument was a real fortress impregnable. However, despite this, he was captured by the enemy during a war, as a result of treachery and became the property of Geoffrey black head during the Hundred Years War. Then the Renaissance, the castle was abandoned in favor of less austere monuments. At the time of restoration, it was sold as national property and was purchased for a very low price by a dealer of materials that began to demolish the building.

The castle was bought by the Duc de Levis-Mirepoix. The latter offered in 1988 in the town of Moustier-Ventadour against a symbolic franc provided that it implements adjustments in order to open the castle to visitors. Through its history, the castle was in a sorry state and had to undergo major works to be saved. Those they did not begin until 1965. Inside the castle were conducted excavations that have helped develop some of the rooms and some decorations. Today visitors can come and discover the remains of the castle in which the excavations continue.

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