Château de Langeais

A first version of the Chateau de Langeais was built under Foulque Nerra, Count of Anjou. Afterwards, the castle was extended by Richard I of England then was unfortunately demolished during the Hundred Years’ War. It is Louis XI, who, in 1465 decided to reconstruct it as we know it now. The event which marked the history of the castle was the wedding of Charles VIII and Anne of Brittany. This marriage put and end to the independance of Brittany. During the 18th century and particularly during the French revolution, the castle fell into decay. It is only in the early 19th century that the outside of the castle was restored. Afterwards, Jacques Sigfried, a rich manufacturer bought it and restored the interior of the castle. Today thanks to these interventions, the Chateau de Langeais is in an amazing condition and is a great example of the late medieval period architecture. The interior of the Chateau de Langeais houses many pieces of art (sculptures, paintings) as well as furniture and tapestries, thus recreating the 15th century atmosphere.

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