Château de Comper

Comper Castle is located north of the forest Paimpont, three kilometers east of the town of Concoret France. The original medieval castle enjoying an enviable strategic position thanks to the protection offered by the large pond and the forest surrounding it has undergone several reconstructions and destruction throughout history, from the hands of the barons Gael-Montfort, those of Laval, Rieux of Coligny and The Trémoïlle. Dismantled in 1598 by order of Henry IV, he was burned during the French Revolution. There are few traces of its feudal parties, the mansion was rebuilt as a Renaissance dwelling place in the nineteenth century. It is the only one of five castles historically linked to the forest Paimpont (and therefore to the Arthurian legend) remaining to date, and is at the center of several legends that make it the birthplace and residence of the fairy Viviane. It houses exhibitions of the Centre for Arthurian fantasy since 1990. It is subject to registration as a historic monument since June 1996. This includes its premises, the mansion, the court, the dam and moat.

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