Château de Montpoupon

Castle Montpoupon is in Indre-et-Loire, east of Tours, 10km south of Montrichard on the road to Loches in a beautiful valley at the heart of a forest. It depends on the common Cere-la-Ronde. It is the subject of a classification as a historic monument since January 1966. In the Carolingian period Poppo, Germanic clan, decided to settle on the rocky outcrop which was renamed "Mons Poppo" which is subsequently Latinized into "Mons Puppum" then "Mount Peponi" and finally Montpoupon. In the Middle Ages, the castle is a stronghold highly strategic because it is halfway between Loches (then in the hands of the terrible Fulk Nerra) and Montrichard (owned by his nemesis: Eudes, Count of Blois). In the late Middle Ages Montpoupon passed to the lords and Requests Buzançais who rebuilt in 1460 because since the Hundred Years War had been abandoned: they turn into a gracious Renaissance building and in 1500 the gate of entry.

With the Montpoupon Requests may reside closer to the Court that move at that time between the various royal castles of Touraine. Their loyalty to the Valois allows them access to large loads: Panetier Grand, Grand Queux, Grand Master of the Archers. The family succeeded Montpoupon to the seventeenth century and is transmitted by women: Louise de Prie, Duchess of Motte Houdancourt will be governess to the children of France and Louis XIV held in high esteem. Unfortunately at this time the buildings are falling apart because the ladies prefer the Court (now at Versailles) have very little in Touraine.

In 1763 the castle was sold to the Marquis de Tristan (he was then mayor of Orleans) who want to make a farm. Finally he fell in love with the place and restore the castle, giving it some of its former glory. The Revolution marked a setback to his plans (fortunately only the chapel was destroyed). In 1840, Mr. Farville of its new owner, built the common as they exist today. In 1857 Jean-Baptiste de la Motte Saint Peter, great grandfather of the current owner bought the castle. The family is undertaking outside work (late nineteenth century) and interior (1920) to make it look that renaissance today. The outbuildings of the castle, ancient heart of the equestrian and hunting Montpoupon, house a museum on the horse and hunting (which is one of three French museums of hunting). Montpoupon Castle and its dependencies were registered historic building on 1 May 1930 and then a party, the facades and roofs of the gatehouse and tower called The Dungeon were ordered January 28, 1966.

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