Travel in Italy

tourist Third European countries after France and Spain, Italy annually attracts over 52 million visitors throughout its territory. The tourist attraction of the country rests on both the beauty and the diversity of its landscapes and the discovery of its rich history through the many sites it has.

are many activities to discover Italy. For nature lovers, the many parks are an ideal place to relax. Tourists are attracted by more dynamic activities will be delighted to find in a wonderful opportunity to hike on foot, horseback or cycling, fishing in lakes or rivers, to engage in of various water sports, but also enjoy winter sports! variety of the natural environment in Italy allows everyone to find an activity that suits him , while admiring the beauty of the country.

Culture is also an attraction in the country. Italy has many buildings recognized by UNESCO as World Heritage of Humanity. Between art and exceptional historic city centers, it is inconsiderable number of castles, gardens, churches, museums and libraries that reflect the rich history of Italy. Art and entertainment are also waiting for you, with outstanding throughout the year events, art exhibitions, but also dance, music and theater.


Italy to discover its natural and architectural diversity. To the north, you will discover Aosta Valley famous for its heritage and traditions while the Po Valley you will discover its rice fields, fine wines and gastronomy. Between mountains and sea, Liguria you will meanwhile enjoy its mild climate, the open sea and olive groves and terraced gardens villages. In the center, you will discover Florence, Siena and other cultural highlights of Italy as well as Tuscany and Umbria the green heart of Italy. Finally the south will dazzle you with its scenery makes sheltered coves in the heart of limestone cliffs, beaches but also lakes and forests mountains.

Side accommodation, tourists from around the world plan their holidays in advance and usually opt for travel sites as Venere , which has a network of hotels in Italian cities such as Rome, Venice, and Florence and satisfy all tastes and budgets. Other options are renting apartments, houses and cottages, and even hostels.

Tourist cities in Italy