Tourism in Venice, the city of the Doges

Surprising, unique, enchanting, many adjectives can be used to describe the beautiful city of Venice. Internationally known, it owes its reputation to its history, its monuments, it releases to the atmosphere during its carnival and including its canals, bridges and islands!

Capital of Veneto, a region in northern Italy, it has many names including the "city of Venice" and "Serene". The first traces the history of Venice dates back to 528. Today it is world heritage of humanity by UNESCO.

The city is built on sand in a lagoon from the Adriatic Sea. Its foundations are made of wooden stakes driven in the ground, upon which all the houses and monuments. Thus, water flows freely in channels between the 118 islands that constitute the city. Bridges can pass from one to another therethrough. Their shape is peculiar: arched, so that boats can pass. Around the Grand Canal that runs through Venice, is six historic districts. Three on the left bank: Cannaregio, Castello, San Marco and three on the right bank: Dorsoduro, Santa Croce, San Polo.

Of the hundreds of canals of Venice, many gondolas traveling and allow tourists to visit the city and enjoy its unique charm. Celebrities-taxis can move faster and to tour the city from one end to another in a very short time. To take full advantage of the city, the best way is to walk on foot.

Venice has architectural treasures that reflect its rich history. Several buildings can discover the different styles that have occurred in the city. The Venetian-Byzantine style is epitomized by St Mark's basilica, or some palace or the church of St. Mary. The Doge's Palace, well known, is built in Gothic style. The Renaissance marked it as to the style of many churches in the city. A great way to discover the architecture of Venice is to rent an apartment in the city. In addition to the practical side, it helps to imagine a little more how the Venetians live. 

Although Venice has many other attractions, it is impossible not to mention the famous Venice carnival which takes place just before Mardi Gras, ie late February or early March. Visitors come from all over the world to attend this event and enjoy the costumes and masks of the participants.