Tourism in Milan, capital of fashion and design

Milan is perhaps not as romantic as Venice. She may not be the beauty of Florence. But Milan is an exciting city to visit. Capital of Northern Italy and economic lifeblood, Milan is one of the global capitals of fashion and design.

Occupied by the Spaniards, the Austrians and the Bonapartist troops, Milan is a popular tourist destination for its typical architecture. Gothic jewel in the heart of the city, the Duomo demonstrated undeniable beauty. Third largest church in the world, visitors can admire some 2,000 statues that populate carved by the hands of various masters, including a crucifix by Leonardo da Vinci.

Milan is the temple of fashionistas worldwide. All the big names of Italian fashion have set up their headquarters in Montenapoleone. Besides, it is not uncommon to see a famous model in the industry.

The city is also famous for the culture. Built in 1778, the Teatro della Scala is one of the most important opera theaters in the world. Renata Tebaldi and Maria Callas are among the greatest singers to have sung in this place. In the nineteenth century, Milan became a major center of lyric opera in Europe, thanks to the Scala but also in other theaters, such as the Teatro Carcano and went Canobbiana. Many composers occur there: Mozart, Simon Mayr, Niccolò Piccinni Vito ...).

The capital of Lombardy has a love affair with art that dates back several centuries. It is in the refectory of the former Dominican convent of Santa Maria delle Grazie that is The Last Supper, one of the most famous works of Leonardo da Vinci. For its part, the Pinacoteca di Brera offers a fine collection of paintings. Betrothal of the Virgin by Raphael is one of the most famous museum masterpieces.