Tourism - Gironde

Gironde is the largest department in France. Its capital is Bordeaux, also capital of the region Aquitaine. The department benefits from 126 km of coastline with towns such as Soulac, Lacanau and Arcachon. Also, there are 3500 km of rivers with the Dordogne River and the Garonne River. There are lakes like Hourtin and Carcans as well as the Cousseau pond, which is one of the several natural zones in Gironde. The Gironde estuary, the largest in Europe, is the last shelter for the Sturgeon, a reintroduced species.

Tourism is one of the major industries in Gironde, beside forestry in the Landes and wine industry. The main places of interest are located on the coast with sea side activities, in the Bordelais and its vineyards and in the Bazadais in the south of the department.

Gironde is a department where life is sweet. To discover it, one can do it by foot, thanks to the 2750 km of footpaths, by bicycle with 1000 km of single tracks. For history lovers, there are 205 listed monuments and 453 other monuments.

Top tourist cities in Gironde


Tourism Bordeaux : An internationally renowned

Bordeaux is a flat city, located on the banks of the Garonne River. Bordeaux is of course famous for its wines, considered among the best in the world. The cultural, artistic, and music scenes are very lively. The center of the town has retained its traditional stone ...

Must : Musée d'Aquitaine, Centre d'arts plastiques contemporains, Muséum d'histoire naturelle


Tourism Arcachon

Arcachon, nestled aboard a coastline protected welcome you between sea and forest, everyone will find treasure there research with 7 km beaches, it's a destination seaside of choice. Pereire beach is the beach of Arcachon with its superb view over the peninsula of ...


Tourism Blaye

Blaye it's located 45 km from Bordeaux. Since 2008 the citadel of Blaye and the Vauban's bolt are inscribed on the world heritage list by Unesco inside the network of the Major Vauban Sites. The Vauban's bolt on estuary prevent ennemies to go to ...

Must : Citadelle de Blaye


Tourism Langon

Between a generous nature, a rich architectural heritage and stong traditions, Langon is the heart of a region where combines all the pleasures of life. Sights Landes forest Valley of the Garonne Castles Clementins


Tourism Lesparre-Médoc

Lesparre-Médoc is situated in the department of the Gironde and the region Aquitaine. Sights Church of Lesparre-Médoc Tower of Honneur, trace of the ancient castle Circuit automobile of Lesparre-Médoc


Tourism Libourne

Libourne is located in the heart of a prestigious region and celebrated worldwide for the quality of its soil and its wines makre that is a welcoming city, known and recognized throughout the Aquitaine region and beyond. Its rich cultural life and maintaining a visible ...