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The Belfort Territory is a French department that is part of the Franche-Comté region. It is surrounded by the departments of Doubs, Haute-Saone, Vosges and Haut-Rhine as well as the county of Jura.

Belfort has varied landscapes: the not-to-be-missed being the Lion of Belfort, the ‘Ballon d’Alsace’, the Vosges Mountains, the Malsaucy lake. There is also the ‘route des villages fleuris’ (the road of flowery villages in English) that follows a former roman road. The south of the territory consists of numerous ponds and rivers and offers one of the most beautiful viewpoints of the region. Hundreds km of marked paths are spread out on the department and allow visitors to discover the landscapes, wildlife and also the historical heritage thanks to the numerous and varied organised tours and their different topics such as: fortifications, mines, canals, castles and churches.

The festival Eurockéennes of Belfort is famous. Also, each year in Autumn, the Trans-Territoire attracts many cyclists of all age and strengh.

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Tourism Belfort

Belfort has a great history, and its citadel, built by Vauban, is its symbol. Belfort is a city of art and culture, where museums and walks mixes up for the pleasure of the visitors. The city, located near the Swiss border, has managed to reinvent itself in order to be ...

Must : Citadelle de Belfort, Musée d'Histoire et Espace Bartholdi

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