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La Mayenne is a French department that is part of the Pays de la Loire region. It is surrounded by the departments of la Manche, de l'Orne, de la Sarthe, de Maine-et-Loire and d'Ille-et-Vilaine. The main cities are Laval, Château-Gontier and Mayenne.

The castles and sites to visit are: Lassay les Châteaux, the Château du Rocher as well as the medieval cities of Sainte Suzanne or Saint Denis d’Anjou, the Renaudies, belonging to the Château of Rongère and the towns of Chailland, Château Gontier and many more.

The river Mayenne, an affluent of the Loire River, can be explored by boat or by foot along the banks and towpaths.

Top tourist cities in Mayenne


Tourism Laval, a city in the countryside

The concept of city in the countryside remains, for the majority, an inaccessible dream. Here, each one touches it finger. Founded with the turning of the year millet, Laval was a long time city-carries, with cross of the provinces of Normandie, of Bretagne, of Anjou ...

Must : Le château de Laval, Cathédrale de la Sainte-Trinité de Laval, Lactopole


Tourism Château-Gontier

Château-Gontier is situated in the department of the Mayenne and the region Pays de la Loire. Sights in Château-Gontier Mineral Waters of the boulder of "Versailles" were famous as early as the 14th century Church of the Trinité ...


Tourism Mayenne

Mayenne is situated in the department of the Mayenne. She is roughly in equidistance between the cities of Rennes and The Mans.  Sights in Mayenne  Castle of Mayenne Church

Must : Château de Mayenne

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