Tourism Coulommiers

Coulommiers is situated in the department of Seine-et-Marne in the region Île-de-France.

Sights in Coulommiers

  • Church Saint-Denis-Sainte-Foy
  • Church of the Capucins
  • Commandery of the Templiers
  • Temple of the reformed church
  • Remains of the castle of Coulommiers

Welcome to Coulommiers

  • Thème : Sciences and discovery
  • Départ : Coulommiers
  • Durée : 4 jours

Coulommiers is a bri city with the rich and animated history, its many historic buildings testify, and with the identity strongly marked by its soil, more particularly by the famous cheese that bears its name.

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  • Thème : Sciences and discovery
  • Départ : Jouarre
  • Durée : 5 jours

Jouarre is a french town , located in the department of Seine-et-Marne and the Île-de-France area.

the-roman-tower brie-civilization-museum-in-jouarre saint-pierre-saint-paul-church the-farm-manor-of-nolongue

La Ferté-sous-Jouarre

  • Thème : Sciences and discovery
  • Départ : La ferte-sous-jouarre
  • Durée : 4 jours

One hour from Paris in Ile-de-France, in edge of the Champagne slopes, to the confluence of the Marne and Petit-Morin, La Ferté-sous-Jouarre has all the benefits of a city with the assets and the charm of the countryside.

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La Ferté-Gaucher

  • Thème : Sciences and discovery
  • Départ : La ferte-gaucher
  • Durée : 3 jours

The city is located in Brie in the valley of Grand-Morin, 80 km East of Paris, 20 km of Coulommiers and 30 km of Provins.

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