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Coulommiers is a bri city with the rich and animated history, its many historic buildings testify, and with the identity strongly marked by its soil, more particularly by the famous cheese that bears its name.

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Coulommiers is a city in the Brie region with a rich cultural history.

The many historic buildings testify of the strong identity marked by farming and trade and particularly by the famous cheese of the same name.
Combining tradition and modernity, Coulommiers became on February 2009 the first town in France to receive digital television.
A lot of shops, public services and cultural activities attract people to the city.
We invite you to discover all the aspects of our city.

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Résidence du Parc

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Church Saint-Denis-Sainte-Foy


Saint-Denis-Sainte-Foy built in néo-roman style is located at the beginning of the avenue of Rebais .

Designed by E.Brunet, it was blessed by the bishop of Meaux on July 1911.
Its construction was decided by the municipality in order to replace the old Saint-Denys church, a Roman building dating from 12nd century.

The new church is drawn as a Latin cross, with a 47m nave bordered by collateral alleys. Wide bays are decorated with modern stained glass windows inserted of pieces of old stained glasses of Saint-Denys church.

A light tower covers the transept. The frontage of the church is dominated by a strong bell-tower with an octagonal arrow. The cross above is 50m high. The bell-tower shelters a famous bell called “Louise-Élizabeth” coming from the old Saint-Denys church in 1911.

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residence-du-parc montevrain

Résidence du Parc

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Capuchins Park


The Capucins Park is a public garden in the city, among the most beautiful of Ile de France.

The strong castle played an important role during the Hundred Year War and religions. The castle was rebuilt with the 17th century by Catherine de Gonzague Duchess of Longueville, and destroyed at the 18th by the Duke of Luynes.
The guards houses and a wing of the castle are still . In the park, the Chapelle des Capucins inside Notre-Dame des Anges was built at the same time as the castle and shelters now the Musée Municipal where are exposed historical, archaeological collections and art.

It shelters the vestiges of the castle of the Duchess of Longueville, Catherine de Gonzagues, as well as ponds around the old ditches and some rare gasolines.

The Park was harshly damaged by the storms in 1999.

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The old prison


This monument representative of the 19th century was built in 1851, by the architect Mangeon.

Its structure is inspired by the prisons of Meaux and Fontainebleau.
The building has five levels, 33 cells, including 3 punishment cells.

Used as a prison for the Resistance fighters by the Germans during the second world war, it was used then as a children reformatory camp until in 1969.
The buildings were used for the cinema before the government decided to sale it in 1978. The city bought it for its public library.
Located in the middle of the city and isolated on an island between by the Brasset of the Nuns and Grand Morin.

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