La ferté-gaucher

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DepartureLA FERTE-GAUCHER (77)

The city is located in Brie in the valley of Grand-Morin, 80 km East of Paris, 20 km of Coulommiers and 30 km of Provins.

La Ferté-Gaucher centre town


The Tourism Office proposes a 1 hour walk tour through the city of La Ferté-Gaucher to discover the heritage strongly influenced by the christian religion.

Departure from the Tourism, Water and Environment House rue des Promenades.

  • Take on the left, in the rue de Paris. Fork on the right, rue André Lefèvre, at the level of the Caisse d'Epargne.
  • Go 100 meters up the street, you will meet one of the two basins of the town, symbol of urban esthetism, dating from the 15th century.
  • 5 meters further you will discover the Church Saint Romain recently rebuilt and inaugurated in 2005.

Founded to replace an old convent depending on the abbey of Molesme, this church is dedicated to Saint Romain d'Antioche, soldier converted to Christian when he saws the martyr of the Roman deacon Laurent.
The parochial service began in 1133.

The architecture of the Church Saintt Romain combines Roman style of 12th century and Gothic style of the 15th and 16th centuries.
The crossing transept supported by four composite pillars kept four beautiful Roman capitals, one decorated of two lines of ovums, another of water leaves and the two sober and elegant rinceaux.

Napoleon III, offered to our church several stained glasses : one represents Saint Néopolus, the other Sainte Eugenia.

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The Vélo-Rail of of Haut-Morin Valley


Born from a bicycle and a coach the Vélo-Rail will take you for an original walk in group or family.

Unique in Ile-de-France 1 hour from Paris in the middle of the Natural Space of the Valley of Haut-Morin, this site make you discover the richnesses of local fauna and flora as well as the back country fertois.

You will enjoy to cycle on this old railway which was formerly the railway from Paris to Sézanne.
The 6.5 km tour starts at the station of Trottignon Lescherolles until  Meillerey (13 km). The railway overhangs Grand-Morin with a point of view on the whole valley.

From the Tourism Office a tourist train forwards you to the departure station of the Bicycle-Rail located on the commune of Trottignon Lescherolles crossing 4 km through the Brie countryside.

A hike of 4 km make you discover in the “Coulée verte” several sites such as Commanderie de Coutran and the Conservatory Orchard of Saint-Martin-des-Champs planted by schoolboys.

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Business tourism in La Ferté-Gaucher


Come to La Ferté-Gaucher for a weekend, a work meeting or a seminar !

The Tourist office organize your weekend in the countryside, as studious as entertaining.
We will answer your ask :

  • Conférence rooms renting for 10 to 250 people with videoconference.
  • Sports and leisure activities to enjoy your stay, and make you discover the Brie country : canoe-kayak, vélorail, visit of a cheese dairy, excursion, horseriding.
  • Picturesque and quality lodgings in rural areas, guest-rooms or in hotel with restaurant.

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