Tourism Cevennes

The Cévennes are located in the south of France, known for its traditional values of hospitality, now open a respectful  ecotourism of men and nature, including through the enhancement of the Parc National des Cevennes.

The Cevennes is a strong cultural identity, an area built by human hands, with large protected areas. The legacy of Camisards, mining culture, chestnut, pélardon, silk, so much wealth that have become the soul of this region.

Come to enjoy food rich and delicious after you walk between peaks and valleys, enjoy having a wide range of leisure and visit the typical villages in Cévenne

Tourist cities

Accomodation in the area

hotel-les-bellugues saint-jean-du-gard

Hôtel les bellugues

hotel-de-la-corniche-des-cevennes saint-jean-du-gard

Hotel de la corniche ...