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Lucciana is a commune located in Haute-Corse in the Corse region.

Day 1 : Lucciana Day 2 : Corte

Tour to explore Haute-Corse

For 6 days, you will explore the Haute-Corse. You will admire the wealth of this country. You will leave Bastia and finish your journey along the Biguglia.

Day 1 : Bastia Day 2 : Cap Corse Jour 3 : Ile-Rousse Day 4 : Corte

Découverte du cap Corse

Partez de Patrimonio et faites le tour  du Cap Corse :  L'une des régions les plus belles  de l'île ,mais également la plus ...


Bastia is a commune of the Haute-Corse department in the Corse region.

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Jet ski

Welcome to Waterfly, for 10 years specializing in sports in Bastia. We specialize in rentals and jet ski rides with or without a permit. We invite you to discover the Cap Corse in ...

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The walk through time

The town hall Oletta you to discover the heritage of the city through this promenade theme.Let yourself go through the past with the new ride in the gorgeous village of Oletta ... ...



Saint-Florent is a commune located in the Haute-Corse department in the Corse region.

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