Tours Beauvais

Beauvais, a historical town

Built in front of the old Carolingian Cathedral (work started in 1225), the Cathedral of Beauvais, with its imposing dimensions, gives an idea of the past power of the ...

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Discover the green picardy and its valleys

Come to discover in green picardy and its valleys the treasures of a rural world which can accomodate you with naturalness.

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Dawdling in green picardy and its valleys


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Hike in green in Picardie

Throughout the hiking trails to be made with foot, with horse or in the barouche you will be able to discover the landscape, fauna, the flora, and the scents of a campaign to be ...

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Discover Oise

Discover towns and cities in the oise department.

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Day tours for groups

Discover the oise department.

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