Dawdling in green picardy and its valleys

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Sound and light of the astronomical clock of the cathedral


Visit Cathedral with "audio guides" and follow the "sound and light" of the Astronomical Clock: two modern technologies for a historical comprehension of these chiefs of works, Guided tours of the Cathedral for individual: program 2006 being prepared.

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Tapestries, paintings,... beauvais offers its more beautiful to

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10.00 Guided tour of the Saint-Pierre Cathedral of Beauvais. Last challenge of the Gothic art of XIIIème century, of which the chorus highest of the world rises with 48 meters, the Cathedral shelters a movable rich person and a remarkable composition of stained glasses of XIIIème at the XXème centuries. 11.00 Guided tour of the departmental Museum of the Oise of Beauvais. Installed in the old Episcopal Palate, the museum gathers a rich person permanent collection of stones and wood carved of the Middle Ages, a beautiful whole of paintings of the rebirth at the time contemporary, without forgetting furniture Art nouveau and Delaherche ceramics. 12.30 To lunch (drink included/understood) 14. 45 Guided tour of the national Manufacture of the Tapestry of Beauvais. Make a meeting privileged with the liciers who perpetuate this ancestral art by carrying out exclusive orders of the State. (illustration: detail of the work of the licier) 16. 15 Guided tour of the national Gallery of the Tapestry of Beauvais. Presentation of old or contemporary tapestries, according to the programming of the temporary exposures. 17.30 End of the guided tours ensured by a guide-lecturer approved by the Ministry for the Culture and the Communication and our services. Possibility of meeting to the astronomical clock. Its and light presenting this exceptional whole of clock industry made up of 90.000 synchronized parts. (Reservation and tariff, to consult us).

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