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Come to discover in green picardy and its valleys the treasures of a rural world which can accomodate you with naturalness.

Forging mill of Auchy la Montagne


The forging mill of Auchy la Montagne. The workshop Paul Delattre occurred at the XIXème century in an old building of farm going back to 1765, with sides of wood and cob (with the inventory of the Historic buildings). It nowadays shelters a workshop of forging mill in activity where one discovers the tools symbolic systems of the blacksmith: anvils, grinding stones, drill presses, and hammers become mechanical with the industrial revolution. A Picardy habitat was reconstituted in a contiguous masonry. It is composed of a common room, a room with the objects of the everyday life of last century and of a bakehouse, remarkable baker's oven of formerly, entirely restored. In the park an orchard with the local and regional gasolines was planted. The village preserves to him also its deep Picardy character, the church St Eloi altered at the XVIIIème century, a well appearing in the inventory of the M.H, a planted place of limes and bodies of farm with wood sides and cob. For the groups: From April 1 to October 31 only on reservation (minimum 20 people). For a group of less than 20 people, a fixed price of 37 € will be required. Contact Office of Tourism .20 Duration of the visit: 1h with 2h For the individual ones: On return and according to the local demonstrations. Schedules of opening: On reservation and for the groups only Address site: 55 Street Yves Marshal - 60360 Auchy the Mountain Office of Tourism of Green Picardy and its Valleys Tel.: .20

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Gerberoy, medieval village


Gerberoy common classified among the most beautiful villages of France, in 1202 received the title of city by Philip Augustus. Its exceptional location between Normandy and Picardy rises to 188 meters and was besieged five times between 1079 and 1437. This city, looted, destroyed, rebuilt each time has kept its authenticity. Houses seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, flint and brick or wood and mud, give a unique character enhanced by the remnants of its history: the college, the ruins of the Old fortress transformed into the Italian garden by the painter Henri Sidaner, ramparts, Charlemagne tower, the old cobbled streets. The Town Hall seventeenth century brick houses on the ground floor of the Halles. You will discover municipal archives, pottery Beauvais, antiques, bulletin Artists and an evocation of the painter Henri Le Sidaner (1862-1939). The Feast of Roses since 1928 takes place every year on the third Sunday of June, without exception. This event is to discover or relive an era of walkers? History, different each year, through Exposure and Street entertainment. For individuals: Self-guided tour of the village all year round. Groups: Village Tour reservation Tourist Office Green Picardy and Valleys Tel. : ot.picardieverte @

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domaine-pres-du-hom bezu-saint-eloi

Domaine pres du Hom

  • Bezu-saint-eloi
  • 02 32 55 61 19

The house of the serge maker of hardivillers


The house of the serge maker of hardivillers Small rural borough of Beauvaisis, Hardivilliers offers on its territory of very many traces of its artisanal pluri-activity and its historical evolution. Originally installed around the cemetery and of its disappeared monastery, near the Roadway Brunehaut, old Roman way connecting Beauvais and Amiens, the village develops in XIIème and XIIIème centuries around its new church Saint Pierre. Like very many Picardy rural communes, Hardivillers will work its prosperity around agriculture and of the textile, then of the tablettery. The House of the Serge maker, while having, single thing, preserved its structure of origin, corresponds perfectly to this economic adaptation. Its history recalls indeed perfectly the artisanal evolution of the borough. Built at the end of the XVIIIème century in the street where the craft industry of the textile concentrated, the building has all the characteristics suitable for the work of the serge (the workshop on street, the dwelling house and the garden behind). The disappearance of the textile activity in the campaigns of Beauvaisis at the end of the XIXème century will lead the building in a slow reconversion like workshop of button manufacturer then like coffee - grocer. For the groups: Guided tour for group on reservation Schedules of opening of the museum (for the individual ones): Tourist season, to know the days of opening, to contact the Office of Tourism. Address site: 15 street of the gardens 60120 Hardivillers Office of Tourism of Green Picardy and its Valleys Tel.: .20

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The museum of the agricultural and rural life with hétomesnil


The museum of the agricultural and rural life with Hétomesnil Opened since 1987, the academy is located in an old firm-school at imposing architecture and proposes an original approach of the history of our campaigns. More than sixty thousand visitors discovered already this site and found the memory of the rural traditions. The Museum attempts to make discover the developments in the farming technologies and the life of the men in Picardy. An important place is left with the traditional artisanal life and its multiple trades (the cartwright, the blacksmith), with the everyday life with through a multitude of domestic objects of the beginning of last century, the class of the reconstituted elementary school, etc Of many agricultural machinery and the animals of the farm the course of the visitor supplements. The Picardy village of Hétomesnil is to be discovered, with its church Saint Jean Baptiste of XVIIème and XVIIIème centuries, its lead baptismal font of XVème century, its wells, its ponds, and some houses with wood sides Prices: Adults: 5,50 € Children (from 6 to 11 years): 3 € Fixed price family: 16,50 € (2 adults and 3 children) Less than 6 years: free For the groups: Guided tour on reservation from April at October Schedules of opening of the museum (for the individual ones): Sunday from May to June, and in September of 14h30 with 18h30. The every day in July and August of 14h30 with 18h30 (Sunday as of 10h). Address site: 186 Street of Marseilles - 60360 Hétomesnil 03 44 46 92 98 Office of Tourism of Green Picardy and its Valleys Tel.: .20

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The mill of roy boissy and its garden


The mill of roy boissy and its garden The Mill of Roy, located on Thérinet, was built at the XVIIIème century. The visit with accompanying notes of this site involves us on three levels: Gears, grinding stones, the bolter (in activity to the war of 1914). They describe perfectly the various stages of the work of miller. Behind the mill, a very pretty garden extends to the edge from the pond on nearly 5000 meters: it counts nearly 300 rose trees including 200 different varieties (mainly old and English), 250 varieties of long-lived and forty shrubs. Its construction in sides of wood and cob was altered at the XIXème century. The repairing of the unit began in 1980 and lasted nearly 15 years. The inactive wheel for 70 years has currently been in the course of restoration. Registered voter with the inventory of the Historic buildings. The church Sulpice Saint of XVIème century, with the accesses of this charming Mill: baptismal font XIIIème century (registered with the inventory of the Historic buildings). A laundrette and a planted place of limes to the hamlet of Boissy. For the groups: Guided tour for group on reservation from April in mid-October. Schedules of opening of the mill (for the individual ones): From 14 with 19h00: 3èmedimanches of June and September 2nd and 4th Sundays of July and August Address site: 1 Street Fountain - 60690 Roy Boissy Office of Tourism of Green Picardy and its Valleys Tel.: .20

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Gallo-roman site of VENDEUIL CAPLY


Gallo-Roman site of vendeuil caply The Theatre Gallo-Roman de Vendeuil Caply, today in full nature, is the only visible witness of an ancient agglomeration of a great density of habitats and monuments (places, thermal baths, temples). This city was located on 130 hectares thanks to various archaeological surveys and to air photographs. The theatre is a monument with the traditional Gallo-Roman diagram with its semicircular plan 81 m in diameter, a central rectangular scene and an axial vault. This building of spectacle, used for activities of leisures and undoubtedly such religious, could accomodate from 3000 to 5000 spectators. For the groups: Visit commented Theatre Gallo Roman on reservation. Schedules of opening of the Gallo-Roman Theatre: Opened all the year, free entry. Office of Tourism of Green Picardy and its Valleys Tel.: .20

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Warehouse cappronnier


This building built in 1867-1868, is a single example of viticultural architecture in the north of France. With buried half, the brick building is composed of a ground floor, where one received the conveyed wine barrels by sea then by railway of all France of Spain and Algeria; and of a surmounted attic of a lantern made up of two openings intended to ventilate in permanences the bottles, barrels and barrels of alcohol. Opened in July and August, the every day of 15h with 18h except Monday. Address site: 19 Street of Amiens 60120 Breteuil Office of Tourism of Green Picardy and its Valleys Tel.: .20

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