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Tour to explore Gironde

For six days, you will discover the Gironde. You will spend a whole day in Bordeaux, another in the Bassin d'Arcachon. You will also visit a chateau in the Médoc or the ...

Day 1 : The Cordouan Day 2 : Citadel of Blaye Day 3 : Bordeaux Day 4 : The Abbey of La Sauve Majeure

The town of Arès

The town of Ares is a family destination where children and adults like to spend relaxing and playful holidays.

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Discover Porge

The Porge is located between the forest and the Ocean and it is a peaceful and quiet place away from the hustle and bustle of the cities.

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The Bay of Arcachon and picturesque villages

A vast triangle of land and sea dotted with picturesque villages, the Arcachon Basin is a unique site.

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Discover Gironde

Discover the department of Gironde, its tourist sites and its towns and villages.

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The oyster road around the Basin of Arcachon

An unusual tour around the Basin of Arcachon to discover the production, environment and the flavour of the oysters of Arcachon/Cap Ferret.

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Discovery of 'Landes de Gascogne'

Between the ocean and the continent, between the sources of the leyre river and the Arcachon Basin, you will discover the forests and the maritime landscape of the ...

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In the heart of the Basin of Arcachon, Biganos, Audenge and Lanton are a very rich natural sites with the Delta of La Leyre, Pine and oak trees forests, the path by the beaches ...

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Enjoy the oceanic climate in Belin Beliet

The town of Belin Beliet enjoys an oceanic climate that has an average temperature of 13°C, and from a great annual sunshine period (superior to 2000 hours/year) and average ...

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