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Located in the middle of the Brie and the Seine-and-Marne, Nangis, head town of 17 smaller villages belongs to the district of Provins.

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Located in the middle of Brie region in the Seine-et-Marne district, Nangis is the head town of 17 smaller toxn belonging to the district of Provins.

60 km from Paris, Nangis has all the benefits of a small countryside village and many cultural and sports equipments with the charm of a town which did not fight against the natural environment.

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Discover the Castle of Nangis


The construction of the castle dates about 1050 and 1100.
From its first destination, it was a fortress.

During centuries before the Revolution, famous people were the hosted by the lords of Nangis : the son of Henri II,  king Charles IX, accompanied by the queen mother Catherine de Médicis like Louis XIV, accompanied by the queen mother Anne d'Autriche and cardinal Mazarin.

After the french Revolution, the last marquis de Nangis, ruined, sold his property in 1795. The new owner, a former Parisian notary, destroyed a part of the old residence and in 1860 the left wing was bought by the town of Nangis which made its Town Hall.

Notice the beautiful oil paintings representing th  portraits of the former lords and their spouses.

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The church of Nangis


The church of Nangis is certainly of origin seigneuriale, because it rises close to the Castle and is separated from this last only by ditches, now filled.

The church is classified on the historic monuments lists. It is opened on Wednesday and Saturdays mornings and Sunday afternoons.
If you wish to look into the church, contact the priest of Nangis, who will tell you the past of this splendid building.

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Around Nangis


3 kilometers East of Nangis is Rampillon.

This village which the leading silhouette of its church was the head quarter of a Templars commandery during the Middle Ages.

Built at the end of 13rd beginning of 14th centuries on the border of the Royal Domain and the Champagne County, it is a jewels of the religious art of the Seine-et-Marne.
The gate worthy of a cathedral is devoted to the Last Judgement.
The inside is composed of a nave, two collateral without transept and many other wonders that we let you discover…

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