Ville de lorris

DepartureLORRIS (45)

Lorris is located in the department of Loiret in the Centre region.

Notre-Dame of Lorris church


Notre Dame of Lorris church is a Romanesque style church dating from the 12th century and has a great organ.

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Canal of Orléans


The canal of Orleans is a former navigable waterway until is was downgraded in 1954. it is entirely located in the Loiret department and joins river Loire in Montargis.

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le-beaugency beaugency

Le Beaugency

  • Beaugency
  • 02 38 46 43 43

The museum of the Resistance


Housed in the old train station, the museum of the Resistance presents many objects and documents retracing WWII, collaboration, everyday life of the French during occupation, Resistance, maquis and liberation, internment and deportation.

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The Musée horloger Georges Lemoine'


The 'musée horloger' presents the life of a watchmaking craftsman, Georges Lemoine, in rural environment in the years 1930-1960. 

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