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Discover the cultural and historical towns and cities in Haute-Marne. Enjoy the various natural landscapes.

Discover Langres


With its high ramparts, its imposing towers, its many bell-towers, Langres presents a such proud fortress at the doors of Champagne and Burgundy.

Walking the 3,5 km of its covered round way still intact during centuries, the city overhangs a vast panorama :
at East successive plans of the lake of Liez and the Marne Valley to the Vosges, and the Alps of Berne.
to West, beyond the green valley de la Bonnelle, the plate of Langres opens its wooded hedges and slopes.

Follow the lanes and roofed passageways, lets tell you the story of the city.
It is a Gallo-Roman town with its old monuments, its mosaic of Bacchus and its sculptures.
It is medieval by its compartmental and its cathedral in Cluny style.
The Renaisssance shows elegant private mansions of the rich langroises families.

The venue of many religious communities at the time of Contre Réforme generated the building of many monumental sites which shelter now public institutions.

Last witness of the development of military techniques from the 3rd century, the citadel of the 19th century used by associations for cultural events.

Langres is an alive Book of Art and History. The city had learned how to adapt to each period while remaining itself.
Welcoming and generous, it only asks to be discovered.

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Visit the village of Colombey


Colombey, small village of 350 inhabitants was made famous when the Général de Gaulle family came to settle there in 1934, in a property called La Boisserie.

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