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Chaource is a charming town which offers many opportunities for green tourism and the historic monuments amateurs.

Church Saint-Jean-Baptiste in Chaource


In gothic style, the Saint-Jean-Baptiste church is composed of two distinct parts.
The choir from the end of the 12th century embedded in a structure dating back to the 16th century. Renowned for the "Christ brought to the grave" and a golden wood crib, the church is visited as a museum where the innumerable sculptures decline themselves harmoniously from the Champagne art to the Italian art.

The Chapel of the Sepulchre shelters a statue of eight characters.
This work realized in 1515 by an unknown artist "the Master of Chaource" is a master-piece of the Troyes School. The gently inclined faces, the lowered eyes, the veiled looks and the humble attitudes translate with a poignant authenticity, the emotion and the contained pain in front of the Christ.

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Exposition "the beautiful 16th century"


The City of Troyes welcomes, until October 2009, an exhibition about the Champagne sculpture of the 15th and 16th century.

The famous "Christ brought to the grave" in the church Saint-Jean-Baptiste of Chaource was restored for the occasion.
This moving work of the Master of Chaource, unknown artist of the Troyes School presents characters with very expressive faces and attitudes.

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Museum of cheese


The cheese manufacture did not stop developping through the times.

Elyette and André Bellot had been attached to illustrate the evolution of the trade through a beautiful collection of objects coming from various French regions.

This museum, unique in France, is not only a hymn to local cheeses.
It allows the discovery of unusual objects, used for the milk works, cheese and butter, dating back to the 18th, 19th and beginning of the 20th centuries.

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Museum of old dolls. Museum of cooperage


If you are fascinated by old dolls and particularly those in chinese porcelain, a dolls century (1850 - 1950) is waiting for you in this museum.

These are presented in a big variety of stagecrafts. This popular art of the 1900's is declined on many popular themes such as marriage and daily activities.

Museum of cooperage.
The high quality of this workshop proposes you the discovery of a craft industry in a vines region and that justified the achievement of two diplomas of Better Worker of France.

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