Ballad between rocky outcrops huelgoat - 12km - 3heures

DepartureHUELGOAT (29)

This walk offers a detour Plounéour-Lead the heart of the Monts d'Arrée. You will discover a village with a rich historical and architectural heritage

Ballad between rocky outcrops Huelgoat - 12km - 3 hours


The forest now reduced to 600 ha, is a relic of the legendary Broceliande forest. With its ponds and rocky chaos, you will discover a sanctuary of the Celtic imagination.

 The high place Aristide Briand. By Dr. Jacq Street, at the bottom left of the place you go for a walk, channel 1. The upper channel feeds that you take a small hydroelectric plant. In the end, you reach the mine site. Join left the Silver River.

After crossing the bridge, take the path on the left which engages in the woods. You will soon arrive at the pond in fairies. The river disappears under the rocks you get to the pit where the two silver river rushes from a height of 8 m and disappears again under the granite blocks. Climb the stairs to reach the road.

After the Red Bridge, follow the promenade to the right of the Horseshoe. At the end of the walk, win the parking lot of the Red Bridge.

The path of the clear stream disappears under the foliage. A small staircase leads down to the pond boars 3. A rustic bridge over the stream. Follow the path to the pond on the left. Back down the road to the left after the pond and climb right into the camp Artus. You will discover on the right, above the cave against Artus 4.

After the camp Artus 5, the trail continues Louarn journey through the forest, discovering chaos here and there rocks.

The trail leads to love rocky river Chaos money. You will visit the cleaning of the virgin, the theater, the Roche trembling 6, Devil's Cave and the chaos of the mill.

At the end of the chaos, take the road from the lake to gain central located steps and reach your starting point.

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