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The region impressed by the range of views and diversity of landscapes: rocky ridges, bogs, woods, rivers and lakes of Brennilis and le Drennec. It contains the largest collection of Atlantic heathland of France covering over 10,000 hectares.

His most famous peaks are Mount Saint Michel of Brasparts, the Roc'h Trevezel and Roc'h Trédudon, but the two highlights of the massive, therefore Bretagne are Tuchenn Gador (Botmeur) and Roc'h Ruz (Plounéour-Ménez) with both 385 m with a small advantage of 20 cm for the latter ... At their feet lies the Yeun-Elez area of swamps and bogs, high place of the legendary Breton.

Water reserve of Finistere, is the cradle of many coastal rivers: Aulne, Elorn, Penzé, Queffleuth, Douron ... The Monts d'Arree are included in the scope of the Armorique Regional Nature Park.

Add to site the sky of Mountains Arrée constantly changing: the great sunny days, heavy clouds to the layers in its cumulative impressive when the wind sculpts the clouds, mysteriously present when mist bathes the surrounding slopes.

Association ADDES

The 13th edition of the Roc'h des Monts d'Arrée happen on 17 and 18 September.

Registrations are already open.
Hiking Mountain biking in the mountains of Arrée - Program: Departure from Huelgoat for loops ranging from 8 km to 120 km in the middle of the park of Armorique.

Our bustling markets,

MONDAY: Guerlesquin morning (busy in July and August)

TUESDAY: Landerneau morning,Plougasnou morning, Saint-Pol-de-Leon

WEDNESDAY: Landivisiau, Locquirec and Roscoff in the morning

THURSDAY: Carantec morning, Huelgoat

FRIDAY: Faou  Market of flavors  2 July to 27 August from 16h to 19h


SUNDAY: Cléder (port of Kerfissien) morning in July and August, Plestin les Grèves morning


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