Château de Trévarez

The Château de Trevarez, often called the «pink castle» due to its composition mixing Kersanton granite and brick, was one of the last castles to be built in France. Built by architect Walter-André Destailleur from 1893 for the President of the General Council of Finistère James de Kerjègu, the castle comprises all the elements of comfort and modernity of that time: central heating by hot water pipes, electricity, telephone, lift...

Requisitionned by the Germans during the war then bombeb in 1944, the castle was at first abandonned, then the General Council of Finistère bought it and restaured it. The Château de Trévarez and its gardens became French historical monuments in 2009. The 170-acre estate including the landscaped park, the jardins à la française (French formal gardens) and the follies were listed as «remarkable gardens» in 2006. In 2011, the western part of the castle, closed until then because of the bombing of 1944, reopened to public. The botanical collections and the exhibitions that the castle hosts make it an exceptionnal attraction in central Finistère.

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