Le léon a fer et a flots

TopicSciences and discovery
DepartureMORLAIX (29)

Enjoy a full day of discovery of the landscapes of Leon and the Bay of Morlaix in an original way: on foot, by train and boat. The stop of these days are varied and sometimes you walk to the island of Batz, now to Roscoff and Saint-Pol-de-Leon and Morlaix.

The choice of tours and the order of the means of transport vary depending on programming.

Many visits are proposed : Algoplus, Thalado, La Maison des Johnnies, la Maison à Pondalez ... So, mark your calendar !

journée découverte de la baie de morlaix

9h30  Rendez-vous à l'office de tourisme de Morlaix
9h45 Découverte de la ville - Montée à la gare par le 1er étage du viaduc (panorama commenté)
10h57 Départ du train pour la découverte de la ligne de chemin de fer à voie unique Morlaix-Roscoff
11h25 Arrivée en gare de Roscoff et Marche jusqu'au Vieux Port
12h Transfert vers l'île de Batz.

Arrivée à l’île de Batz - Déjeuner libre

Temps libre ou balade accompagnée

16h Embarquement sur la vedette pour une découverte de la Baie de Morlaix
16h30 Arrivée au Château du Taureau et visite du fort
17h30 Retour sur la vedette pour une découverte de la Rade et de la Rivière de Morlaix
18h15 Arrivée aux écluses du port de Morlaix
  Fin de l’excursion

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camping-de-mesqueau plougasnou

Camping De Mesqueau

  • Plougasnou
  • 02 98 67 37 45
gites-de-penmergues le-cloitre-saint-thegonnec

Gîtes de Penmergues

  • Le cloitre-saint-thegonnec
  • 02 98 79 70 12
domaine-le-puits-de-jeanne plouegat-moysan

Domaine le Puits de Jeanne

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domaine-de-ty-boul-ouarn plouneour-menez

Domaine de Ty Boul'ouarn

  • Plouneour-menez
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Visit Enclos paroissiaux

miniature miniature miniature

Religious fervor, artistry, splendor of past centuries ... parish enclosures reflect all at once.

The churchyard is a sacred place where religious life focuses. The architectural complex, surrounded by a wall, includes a church, Calvary, an ossuary, a cemetery, a triumphal arch. Sculptors, cabinetmakers, painters, goldsmiths, glaziers, embroiderers, ..., known or anonymous artists, they all signed the exception of works that are sure to amaze you.

Churchyard of Guimiliau

Chapelle-Ossuary: Renaissance, dating from 1648. Notice the outdoor chair made ??in one window.

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Giteset chambres du Menez Hom

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Hôtel Restaurant le Prieuré

  • Locronan
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domaine-de-ty-boul-ouarn plouneour-menez

Domaine de Ty Boul'ouarn

  • Plouneour-menez
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camping-la-riviere-d-argent huelgoat

Camping la Rivière d'Argent

  • Huelgoat
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Walk in Finistère


The famous Gothic architecture of Saint Pol de Leon appears in the momentum of the arrows of the cathedral and the chapel of Kreisker.

Saint-Pol-de-Leon to Roscoff, vegetables we hint at the softness of the Gulf Stream, which also encourages blooms of the exotic garden.

The salty air of Roscoff incentive to discover the many marine activities including fishing, spa, biological station, processing algae ... The city will unveil Rover through its ancient streets and mansions of the owners of past centuries that character it has preserved.

On foot or by bike, discover the island of Batz, so near and distant at times, enjoy the authenticity of its landscapes and its quiet sandy beaches.

Embark on a boat and sail between the islands of the bird sanctuary and along the coasts. You will approach or visit the Castle of Taureau, the island Louet and will take the Morlaix river to wooded shores decorated with castles. You complete this enchanting journey by landing at the locks of the port of Morlaix.

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hotel-regina-roscoff roscoff

Hôtel Régina Roscoff

  • Roscoff
  • 02 98 61 23 55
camping-de-mesqueau plougasnou

Camping De Mesqueau

  • Plougasnou
  • 02 98 67 37 45
les-cabanes-de-kermenguy cleder

Les Cabanes de Kermenguy

  • Cleder
  • 06 62 13 91 37
la-roulotte-de-coat-lez treflez

La Roulotte de Coat Lez

  • Treflez
  • 02 9 8 61 6 8 80

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