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As a ‘bastide’ (fortified town) of the arts, culture and traditions, surrounded by breathtaking Gascon
sceneries, Montréal du Gers welcomes you and introduces you to a Gascon hospitality you will never forget.

Discovering Montréal


This is one of the most beautiful villages of France. The village is a typical country house of XIIIrd century, built on a rocky outcrop dominating Auzoue, on the site of a oppidum celtibère. This is one of the first Gascon country houses and the first of Gers. It was founded on March 30, 1255 by Alphonse of Poitiers, brother of Saint-Louis, became by its marriage in 1229 with Jeanne, girl of Raymond VII, Master of the county of Toulouse and the county d' Resident of Agen.

Country house of art, culture, and tradition, surrounded by these landscapes of Gers whose beauty cuts the breath, Montreal of Gers accomodates you to make you discover a Gascon culture which you will not forget any more.

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Visit the touristic places in Montréal

  • The Gallo-Roman villa of Séviac :

An aesthetic time travels

The relics of Séviac allow visitors to discover a luxurious residence dated from the Lower Empire, ornamented with splendid and unique polychrome mosaics.
The multiple rooms are organised around a square tower bordered by a pillar gallery of Pyrenean marble.

The Villa’s thermal baths, mosaics, exceptional dimensions, allow us to understand life in a rich residence in Gallo Roman times. Its Merovingian relics evoke the early Christian age.

The Gallo Roman Villa of Séviac is open from March to November.

  • The excavation depot :

Situated on the town’s square, in the premises of the Tourist Office, you will find the first mosaics to have been dug up as well as everyday life objects, architectural and decorative elements, ceramics, jewellery, and early Christian coins

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Taste the local specialities of Montréal

  • Armagnac :

The oldest French eau-de-vie, is the outcome of a triple heritage : Roman for its vines, Moorish for the travelling ‘still’ and secrets of distillation and Celtic for its barrels. Aygo Ardento or Aquae Ardens, was born in Gascony, and mentioned in medical and alchemist writings from the 14th C onwards...

Montréal, situated in the heart of the Ténarèze possesses the largest Armagnac vineyard with its 4500ha of vines producing an Armagnac with a flavour of prunes and scent of violets.

You can visit numerous wine ageing rooms where you will be welcomed and introduced to this elixir as well as Floc de Gascogne, a blend of grape juice and Armagnac.

  • Foies gras and confits :

Take your time to taste the following delicious Gascon specialties: foie gras, confit, magret… these natural products will show you the genuineness of our cuisine.

  • La croustade :

In the Gers, the croustade is also called “lou pastis”, an evolution of the word “pastisserie”, patisserie in old French. Filo pastry is stretched dozens of times on a cloth spread out over a table, then folded into layers of pastry and apple, and sprinkled with Armagnac, resulting in a perfect harmony of softness and crispiness.

  • Les vins de Gascogne :

As one can see in a mosaic in Séviac, the Gallo Roman villa near Montréal du Gers, the Gascon vines produced wines more than 1600 years ago.

In these times, the Adour river and Baïse were considered privileged routes for the transportation of wine to the north countries. Gascony, the generous and green region, set between sea and mountains, already devoted nearly the totality of its rolling hills and valleys to the art of wine making.

In our days, nearly two thirds of the Gers vineyards are committed to the production of Côtes de Gascogne wines, classified as ‘vins de pays’.

There are an important number of winemakers producing high quality wines on the Montréal territory.

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