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Renaison is a charming village. Located at 10 minutes in the west of Roanne, it is ideally placed to live within a green and calm framework. Thanks to its forests, its stoppings, the lovers with nature can spend a pleasant moment there.

Discover Renaison


Renaison is a charming village. Located at 10 minutes in the west of Roanne, it is ideally placed to live within a green and calm framework. Thanks to its forests, its stoppings, the lovers with nature can spend a pleasant moment there.

You will find there:

  • The marked out paths, for your stroll
  • Many associations
  • Complete sports equipment

Renaison belongs to the area the Rhone - the Alps, Rhone-native territory located between the Alps, in edge of Italy, and Massif Central.

In the Rhone-Alps, our commune is located at the western north of the department of the Loire, on the canton of St Haon Châtel, in the district of Roanne.

Ligérienne commune, you will find us to 10 km in the west of Roanne, on the first buttresses of the Mounts of the Madeleine which correspond to the septentrional prolongation of the Mounts of Drill, the tops materialize the limit of the departments of the Loire and Allier.

Located in a central way on the Roannaise Coast, soil favourable with the vine growing, its 2 stoppings and l' abundance of its vegetation make a common privileged person of the Roannais basin of it.

Large pavements, markets, trade, as many achievements to decorate our center borough for that it becomes a true center of life. A night vision particularly reflects the quietude which siet with our framework of life.

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Visit the Arboretum of Large Murcins


The Arboretum of Large Murcins is located at 800 meters high in direction of Frame at 20 minutes of Renaison.
Friends of the Trees of the Loire and the Arboretum of Large Murcins, this is:

  • Medicinal and aromatic plants,
  • A cultivated ground of 3 hectares for the wildlife and the birds,
  • A teaching farm with spangled Andes cordillera, mare comtoise, asses, alpine Ankara goats and, ewe Ile de France and a collection of 150 animals of farmyard with poultries of French races in the process of disappearance,
  • 216 different species coming from the 5 continents,
  • 96 species of the birds listed on the site,
  • 110 nesting boxes installed and distributed in the forest (All those are numbered and controlled),
  • The sedentary birds are nourished and watered in cold weather,
  • A single point of view where you see 300 days per annum Mont Blanc and an exceptional panorama.

After the storm of December 1999, the forest of 130 hectares was partly destroyed but at the end of the 2001 all ways were réouverts.

A mission, inter alia the association of the Friends of Large Murcins is to inform to distract and educate.

In this spirit, we receive all the various schools and associations, all the families and people who like nature and wish to preserve it.

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The barrages, privileged place of the walkers


 The Stoppings of the Resident of Chartres (the Task) and Rouchain are located in the vicinity one of  other. This is a privileged place of the walkers.

The first, builtfrom 1888 to 1891 is a work of the stone art of size, delicately enchased in a bosky bower. This is a stopping arches and would be seems it one of the oldest stoppings arches France, put out of water in 1892, it covers 21 hectares and has a reserve of 3.620.000 m3, its height is of 51 m for a length of 221 Mr. C' is in edge of this stopping that raise one of the highest trees of France, Douglas of 53 m and a volume of 22 m3.

The second, built in 1976, is an imposing riprap work, it extends on 39 hectares and has a reserve of 6.500.000 m3, this is a stopping weight.

These two stoppings feed Roanne and the Roannaise plain out of drinking water which is softest of France.

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The Chapel Saint Roch


A first vault had been high after the plague of Marseilles in 1633 in the west of the borough close to the village Saint Roch, surrounded a cemetery, badly maintained it finishes by running out at the beginning of the 14th century.

This is in 1869, following a gift of ground to the commune, which was built the current vault by the architect Mr. Chatard, this is thanks to a subscription near the inhabitants and the helps of the municipal council which was completed the vault in 1872 and was given to the worship of the parish.

Returned with the state of decay, the association Roch Saint in 1977, undertook the restoration of its building and enclosed sound.

To date, the commune ensures its maintenance. From this place you can  discover a panorama on the roofs of the borough and the landscapes surrounding.

There exists also a Madonna built in recognition of the time restoration 1820-1840, located at the locality ' Roche' with the inscription (Star of the Morning) called Massabielle de Renaison.

One went there in pilgrimage for August 15, in walk while going along a pleasant path, the river bank. The current owners, this private place, Mrs. and Mr. Paul PERREVE leave the free passage d' access all on August 15 afternoon, for a visit with the Madonna.

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The Drigeard clog factory


Craftsman sabot-maker since 8 generations.

This is one of the last representatives of his profession (they were 20.000 at the beginning of the century). Mr. DRIGEARD is a sabot-maker of international repute. He does not count any more the television programs.

He will reveal you the artisanal manufacture of the shoes of yesterday and today… 

  • noble material: wood
  • A starting point: the arrival in bark with the workshop
  • The raw material undergoes its 1st mechanical transformation and takes the desired form
  • A completion hand: personalization of the object
  • A workshop of the soles out of wooden: the final key
  • A workshop of leather supports
  • A comfort with the foot: esthetics ensured

This craftsman will charm you by his know-how and his passion

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