Forêt d'Iraty

The Iraty Forest covers more than 17,000 hectares, between France and Spain.It is considered as the largest beech forest in Europe. It emanates a wild and mysterious side, full of Basque legends.

60 km of forest trails are marked, for the biggest happiness of the walkers. From the simple walker to the sportsman, you will find hiking adapted to your level. You can climb to the peak "des Escaliers" (4829 ft), or the peak "Orhy" (6617 ft), and enjoy a panoramic view of the Pyrenees. Between these two peaks, there is the Organbidexka pass, where you can watch the most important bird migration of France. From May to November, you'll meet the shepherds and their heards.Along the way, you can also discover the gorges of Kakuetta (Sainte-Engrace), its vertiginous walls and its remarkable waterfall.

You can get fresh ideas near one of the three lakes which contains the forest of Iraty. The two lakes of Iraty Soul and the lake of Iraty-Cize they cover 2.3 hectares. The wood owes its name to the river Iraty which crosses it. It is a unique place for the fishermen.

And when winter comes, the forest of Iraty is covered with a thick white duvet for hiking snowshoes, for sledding and for cross-country skiing.

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