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musee-des-beaux-arts-de-rouen rouen

Musée des Beaux-Arts de Rouen

The collections of the Museum of Fine Arts in Rouen have increased thanks to regular donations, such as Francois Depeaux's donation in 1909 ...
musee-de-la-ceramique rouen

Musée de la Céramique

The Ceramics Museum in Rouen is located in the superb Hocqueville hotel since 1984. This museum houses the most important potters and the ...
musee-le-secq-des-tournelles rouen

Musée Le Secq des Tournelles

Established in 1920, the Museum Secq Tournelles is in an old gothic church. This museum of France preserves the largest collection of ancient ...
musee-de-l-education rouen

Musée de l'éducation

Museum education Rouen presents an exhibition on the evolution of the education system from the Renaissance to the twentieth century. Made from ...
musee-pierre-corneille rouen

Musée Pierre Corneille

Cornelius was born in this house in 1606. It was in this house that he wrote Le Cid. He remained there until 1652. He sold his house in 1683. The ...
musee-departemental-des-antiquites rouen

Musée départemental des Antiquités

The Departmental Museum of Antiquities was established in the 1830s. Installed around the cloister of the former monastery of the Visitation of ...

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