Museums in Haute-Normandie

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Museums en Haute-Normandie

fondation-claude-monet giverny

Fondation Claude Monet

In the house is Giveny the Fondation Claude Monet. You to the gardens there découvrire the passion of ...


le-musee-des-impressionnismes giverny

Le musée des Impressionnismes

On 1 May 2009, the Museum opened its doors Impressionism in Giverny, in place of the former Museum of American ...


musee-des-beaux-arts-de-rouen rouen

Musée des Beaux-Arts de Rouen

The collections of the Museum of Fine Arts in Rouen have increased thanks to regular donations, such as ...

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centre-abbe-pierre-emmaus esteville

Centre abbé Pierre-Emmaus

The abbé Pierre-Emmaüs centre retraces life and work of abbé Pierre and the Emmaüs ...


musee-de-la-ceramique rouen

Musée de la Céramique

The Ceramics Museum in Rouen is located in the superb Hocqueville hotel since 1984. This museum houses the ...

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musee-le-secq-des-tournelles rouen

Musée Le Secq des Tournelles

Established in 1920, the Museum Secq Tournelles is in an old gothic church. This museum of France preserves ...

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musee-de-l-education rouen

Musée de l'éducation

Museum education Rouen presents an exhibition on the evolution of the education system from the Renaissance to ...

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musee-pierre-corneille rouen

Musée Pierre Corneille

Cornelius was born in this house in 1606. It was in this house that he wrote Le Cid. He remained there until ...

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musee-departemental-des-antiquites rouen

Musée départemental des Antiquités

The Departmental Museum of Antiquities was established in the 1830s. Installed around the cloister of the ...

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musee-d-art-moderne-andre-malraux le-havre

Musée d'art moderne André Malraux

The MuMa of Havre possesses one of the biggest impressionistic collections of France, just behind the ...


le-musee-de-l-ecorche-d-anatomie le-neubourg

Le Musée de l'Ecorché d'Anatomie

The Ecorché Museum of Anatomy was inaugurated in 1995 in Le Neubourg. The property has a skinned human ...


le-musee-de-l-horlogerie saint-nicolas-d-aliermont

Le musée de l’horlogerie

The clock museum is located in Saint-Nicolas d'Aliermont in a space of 350 sqm. Inside, there are more ...


maison-de-l-armateur le-havre

Maison de l’armateur

The House of the owner is in a house in the eighteenth century. The museum is organized on five levels. The ...


le-musee-biochet-brechot caudebec-en-caux

Le Musée Biochet-Bréchot

Since 1926, Biochet-Bréchot museum is located at the House of the Templars, restored by the Friends of ...


le-musee-de-vernon vernon

Le musée de Vernon

The museum is Vernon in Vernon. Created in 1862 , the museum has paintings, archaeological objects . This is ...


le-musee-de-l-hotel-dubocage-de-bleville le-havre

Le Musée de l'Hôtel Dubocage de Bléville

The museum Dubocage Belville hotel is located in Le Havre, in a former hotel particuier seventeenth century. ...


le-musee-des-traditions-et-arts-normands martainville-epreville

Le musée des traditions et arts normands

The Museum of Norman Arts and traditions is in the castle of Martainville . It is in this castle that Henry IV ...


musee-jean-de-bethencourt grainville-la-teinturiere

Musée Jean de Béthencourt

The Jean de Bethencourt museum retraces the history of the man who led an expedition to the Canary ...


musee-des-sapeurs-pompiers-de-france montville

Musée des Sapeurs-pompiers de France

The fire brigade museum France was inaugurated in 1993 in Montville . The museum is a place of memory, of ...


le-musee-des-instruments-a-vent la-couture-boussey

Le musée des instruments à vent

Created in 1888 , the museum of wind instruments is the first instrumental museum in France . The museum has a ...


le-musee-de-la-corderie-vallois notre-dame-de-bondeville

Le musée de la corderie Vallois

The Museum of the Corderie Vallois is in a former factory restarted. Located near Rouen , the museum presents ...


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