Musée de La Cour d'Or

The Museum de La Cour d'Or was created in 1839. It was part of the local bookshop of Metz. The local council used to put the additional pictures in this museum.

In 1841, the museum has been extended and two rooms were built for Natural History collections. The Gallo-Roman collected works developped between 1871 and 1918.

A new wing was created in 1935 where were located the vestiges of the Roman Thermal Baths of Antiquity.

The local bookshop moved out in 1977 and let the museum have additional collections and exhibitions. The official opening took place in 1981.

You will often find the term "museums" in plural - refering to "this museum". The Musées de La Cour d'Or have sevral separate parts nowadays.


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