Musée national de la Préhistoire

Castle of Les Eyzies welcomes the prehistoric museum of Eyzies since 1923. The presentation of the prehistoric is through exhibitions of original objects from the Perony excavations and studies comparative ethnography. From 1967, building Froideveaux extension has opened two new rooms: a reserve lithic and a laboratory. Since 1972 the school is attached to the Direction des Musées de France and has continued to be opened to renew our full days.

Today, eight different collections are available: lithic, bone industry, anthropology, paleontology, adornment, art furniture, decorated blocks of habitat and soil. The museum has more than 5 million artifacts and exhibits no less than 18,000. The visitor through a museum tour based on different technologies: interactive terminals, casts, models, will be able to relive the 400,000 years of human presence in the region!

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