Musée du Chemin de Fer Miniature

The Museum of the Miniature Railway is located at Clécy in the department of Calvados. It was created by a passionate. It is now the largest museum dedicated to the miniature railway in Europe-wide 1/87ème. The museum is housed in an old lime kiln, which was once the cellar for the sale of cider.

The miniature collection is very important and has about 16 trains running, 18 tunnels, 70 switches, 650 buildings, 1 250 road vehicles, 240 locomotives and 400 wagons, 5,000 trees, and an infinite amount of characters that are listed in an area of 60 square meters.

Visitors can also buy local products at the museum shop, such as cider, as well as more unusual products. The site also allows us to taste french pancakes in the sun of the museum terrace where children can play with an inflatable shaped train.

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