Musée Nicéphore-Niépce

The museum's theme Niépce photography. The origin of this museum, whose collections have begun to be realized since the 1860s, objects and tools Niépce, inventor of photography and a native of Chalon. The museum was really established in its current buildings in 1970 and was inaugurated in 1972.

The collections of this museum is very important. They are among the first to heliographs Niepce, to more current works. Can be counted more than 5,000 photographs taken by French, European or even photographers worldwide. The museum strives to present different photographic processes and the cameras according to the technical evolution they have undergone.

Visiting this museum makes it possible to discover the practices of photography, whether popular or professional or artistic. It gives an overview of the history of photography, both technically and materially. This tour is interactive, and the museum often renews its design. To accompany the visitor, interactive tools are present, such projections in relief or multimedia terminals.

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