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musee-des-plans-reliefs paris-7eme

Musée des Plans-Reliefs

Located within the Hôtel des Invalides, the Musée des Plans-Reliefs is a museum dedicated to three-dimensional models of fortified ...
musee-d-orsay paris-7eme

Musée d'Orsay

Housed in the former Orsay station, the Orsay Museum is the impressionist museum of Paris. Built in 1900, the beautiful "Gare ...
musee-de-l-armee-paris paris-7eme

Musée de l'armée (Paris)

The Musée de l'Armée was established in 1905. The museum is the home to the Tomb of Napoleon. The museum covers army and ...
musee-du-quai-branly paris-7eme

Musée du quai Branly

The Musée du quai Branly (also known as the museum of primitive arts or the museum of culture and civilization of Africa, Asia, Oceania, ...
musee-rodin paris-7eme

Musée Rodin

Musée Rodin is situated in the heart of Paris, in Paris’ 7th arrondissement and in Meudon (hauts de Seine), with these two sites, ...

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