Château de la Verrerie

The Glass Castle is located in the Oizon Cher at the border between Berry and Sologne. The monument is listed as a historic monument in 1926. The name of the glassware is due to the existence in the past a glass factory. This castle was built in the late 15th century. In 1842 the building was bought by the grandfather of current owner. This is the only owner to be born in the castle! Today the castle serves as a guesthouse. Sleep in this castle, in rooms decorated with 19th but refurbished with antique furniture, to discover the castle otherwise. Tourists will undoubtedly have the opportunity to attend a theatrical tour organized by the Company Ampersand. This historic walk takes three quarter hour. Musical encounters of chamber music are held every winter in the castle. A large buffet is available after the concert, which will be an opportunity to appreciate the musician.

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