Site archéologique et musée d'Ensérune

The archaeological site of Enserune is located in the department of Herault in the Languedoc-Rousillon. It is a beautiful example of Gallic village.

Formerly on the oppidum Ensérune has developed a small Gallic village, which according to excavations, was occupied during three different periods: a first phase until the 5th century BC. BC where there were only small huts made of mud, then to the 3rd century BC. AD when the city really develops with larger constructions and finally, at the very end of the third century, when the city has grown so much that it covers the entire hill!

The place will be completely abandoned in the first century AD, because people prefer to settle in the plain. At the beginning of this century that archaeologists began to excavate the site. Gradually they have uncovered part of the remains, but the whole site has not yet been fully excavated! It is possible to admire a collective attic which consists of 72 silos dug, a wall pierced by a postern, a rampart, or tanks.

Museum founded in 1937 can display artifacts found at the site. They are presented according to themes: habitat, crafts, goldsmithing, the necropolis ...

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