Eglise de Locronan

This imposing 15th century building was built "cathedral-like" following the wishes of Francis II, father of Anne de Bretagne.

It is inside a remarkable sculpture of the 15th and 16th centuries whose recumbent St Ronan in the chapel adjoining the Pénity and exceptional pieces of jewelry dating from the old regime classified by historical monuments and being part of national treasure.
•Silver monstrance late seventeenth
•The shrine called St. Eutropius silver gilt early sixteenth
•The bell called St. Ronan's sixth, seventh or eighth
•A chalice and paten in his silver-gilt and enamel late fifteenth
•Coasts reliquaries of St Ronan, a flat silver pyx eighteenth
•A fine silver pyx seventeenth
•A shell silver christening early eighteenth

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