Château du Landskron

Perched on a hill in the village of Leymen near the Swiss border, The Château du Landskron is a remarkable fortress dating from the Middle Ages which offers a magnificent view over the forested and mountainous landscape of the Jura Alsacien and the Region des Trois Pays. The Château du Landskron was built in the thirteenth century on a hill overlooking the village of Leymen, at a height of 559 meters. Then, it serves to various owners and was redesigned by the famous architect Vauban.

Destroyed in 1814 by the Austrian and Bavarian troops, while serving as a prison which was nicknamed the "Bastille Alsatian", only the original rectangular tower of the keep was spared. The Ruins (round towers, chapel, well, Renaissance sculptures) remaining evidence of the importance of this castle in the region. A large gate dating from 1515 gives access to the backyard through the walls of the Habsburgs. Classified historical monument since 1923, nowadays the Château du Landskron belongs to the French-Swiss association called "Pro Landskron" who performs important work of restoration and consolidation since its acquisition in 1996.

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