Château du Plessis-Macé

The castle of Plessis-Macé is a medieval building dating from the Middle Ages and revised at the beginning of the Renaissance. This castle is located on the town of Le Plessis-Macé, about ten miles north of Angers. The Chateau du Plessis-Macé been a classification as historical monuments since February 24, 1987. In the mid-fifteenth century, Louis de Beaumont, lord chamberlain Bressuire and Louis XI began to rebuild the ruined castle in part after the Hundred Years War. This ancient fortress, built in local stone, was used against the invasions of Brittany and Normandy to protect the capital of Anjou. Around 1450, Louis de Beaumont, transforms this medieval monument in flamboyant gothic style castle.

Balcony, wrought and carved, just decorate the facade of the building. The monument is a remarkable building of the Renaissance. The castle was also owned by the family of Bellay for almost 170 years. In 1967, the monument becomes property of the department of Maine-et-Loire. The Chateau du Plessis-Mace is a place full of festival of Anjou.

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