Château d'Angers

Located in the heart of Angers, the Château d’Angers was the residence of many sovereigns for four centuries. The story started in 1121 when the count of Anjou Geoffreoy de Plantagenet builds a first castle.

A century later, Louis IX takes over Angers and builds the royal fortress as we can see it now, then, during the 15th century, as the Anjou had become a dukedom, the dukes of Anjou made it a seigneurial residence. The castle such as Louis IX built it consists of a 2,000 ft long wall protected by seventeen towers. The castle became a French historical monument in 1875. The medieval gardens, located in the waterless moat of the castle are magnificient and full of colours.

The castle is famous all around the world for its unique 103 metre-long Apocalypse tapestry from the 14th century, known as the biggest medieval tapestry in the world. This masterpiece is displayed in a specific room inside the castle.

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