Abbaye Notre-Dame de Fontgombault

The Abbey of Our Lady of Fontgombault as its name implies, is located in the Indre in Fontgombault. This Benedictine abbey was built by Pierre de l'Etoile, on the banks of the Creuse in 1091.

Between the XII and XIII century, several priories were founded, which contributed to the development of the Abbey of Our Lady of Fontgombault. Fish farming was one of the activities developed by the abbots of the abbey. In the following centuries it was plundered and devastated by various groups. Not until the early eighteenth century that Dom Nicolas Andrieu began to restore the monument. Following the revolution, the abbey will be badly damaged, will become a national asset, and materials will be used for buildings in the area. In the years that followed, it became a distillery in 1849, kirsch, and a button factory in 1905, and then welcoming the military hospital of the Belgian army in 1914. By 1948, the abbey was restored and now houses a Benedictine qu'abbaye time, by the arrival of monks belonging to the congregation of Soleslmes.

Today, some sixty monks settled there. This abbey is the remarkable testimony of the Romanesque style, and has perfect proportions, be it at the bedside or ambulatory chapels.

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