Château de Crozant

The Castle of Crozant is located Crozant in the department of Creuse and Limousin region. The castle was declared a historic monument since October 3, 1997. The rocky outcrop between the Creuse and entered a tributary, the Sédelle, has been occupied since prehistoric times. It is the oldest site Nolitha Limousin A fortress seems to have been built between 997 and 1018. The castle attested for the first time in a charter of the years 1200-1210.

One of the remaining towers is named Isabella of Angouleme, widow of John Lackland, wife of Hugh de Lusignan Comte de la Marche, who according to tradition, would have built. In the twelfth century, the masters of the place are Foucauld, lords of Saint-Germain-Beaupré. But it's the thirteenth century that the castle takes the form we know today. These are the Earl of March who build the fortress in the thirteenth century and the mid-fifteenth century.

In his book on the history of the Walk, Joullietton reports that the castle was taken by the Catholics in 1588, which would have caused the ruin of a tower. From 1606, the castle seems to already serve the residents of nearby quarry. A record of 1640, prepared by the king's steward at Moulins, Le Voyer d'Argenson notes that all feudal state is sad. The remains of the fortress, which belong to the Crown from the forfeiture of the Constable of Bourbon in 1527, are then acquired by Gabriel Foucauld de Saint-Germain Beaupré, Governor of the Walk. The stone walls echo those of the rock walls of the valley and the legends tell of places: the spinners of the Rock where every year a contest was held between the village girls, the most skillful at spinning her wool strand so he touched the water first, 80 feet below, that even the devil who built the bridge in one night Charraud following the pact made with a man who would not be the first bundle that have linked the morning he came to visit naked.

Following lengthy negotiations conducted by the mayor of Crozant Jean Parlebas, these ruins were acquired several years ago by the municipality. A major rehabilitation program was undertaken with funding from the state, regional council, general council and the municipality to reopen the site to the public at the end of the work. The remains of the castle and land plots have been classified a historical monument by order of October 3, 1997.

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